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RSU13 Special Education Office is in the process of eliminating some of the student records now on file. Records of former students who were born on December 31, 1989 or earlier will be destroyed, as the records are no longer educationally relevant. If you wish to keep copies of your records or your child's records while he/she was participating in special education, please contact the Special Education Office at (207) 596-2003. If we do not hear from you by July 31, 2016, the records will be destroyed. 

Schools of Our Future Project Summary, approved at the March 3, 2016 School Board Meeting
Project Summary

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**DRAFT** Siemens Preliminary Report & Facility Analysis

**Energy and Air Quality Project Scope Approved By RSU #13 School Board** (This does not include necessary changes due to the movement of grades and students, nor does it include the eventual Owls Head and So. Thomaston PreK-5th Grade solution.)


RSU 13 is looking for qualified substitute teachers!  If you are interested, please click here for an application, or contact the Superintendent's office at 596-6620 and ask for Human Resources.  We pay $75 per day for those with a 2-year college degree and $80 per day if you have a 4-year college degree.


*RSU 13 STRATEGIC PLAN 2013–2018*

Beginning in September of 2011, a Strategic Planning Team -- comprised of representatives drawn from our six communities, the staff, the school board, and the administration - convened to lead a process focused on developing a five-year strategic plan for our newly consolidated school district. 

Areas of focus highlighted in the planning process included:  teaching and learning; recruitment, retention, and evaluation of staff; financial matters; facilities; community engagement; and long-range development. The Strategic Planning Team also solicited a wide range of input from community and faculty members through surveys; parent, faculty and student meetings; and open community forums.

The resulting plan was adopted by the RSU 13 School Board by a unanimous vote at its regular meeting on March 7, 2013, and now stands as a blueprint for action in identifying priorities and establishing credible work plans for guiding the district toward excellence over the next five years. Importantly, the plan also is designed to be updated periodically with indicators of progress included in the strategic plan section – Measuring Our Progress and Effectiveness (pages 21-28). 

Click here to view RSU 13's Strategic Plan